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Are PLR Articles Worth it?

Back in 2005 PLR articles were taking the internet marketing world by storm. It was a wonderful time where good content was available in almost any niche imaginable. Sites were offring memberships where people could get anywhere from 25 to 150 articles a month for a fraction of hiring a writer. Many site owners were able to simply throw the plr articles onto their blog and start ranking for them

As with most things that work well with internet marketing soon it started to get out of hand. In an attempt to out do other sites some started using d rate articles and even articles spun with software. The huge amount of PLR articles were great at first until people started to realize the poor quality was making the content useless . Many were pooly written or pieced together from other content.

PLR hit bottom about a year after it got started because the quality was getting so poor and the articles were over used and no longer of any value .

There were two major problems with the PLR articles. They were poorly written and they were being sold with resale rights. So not only are the plr articles filled with grammer and puncuation errors it also means you or I could buy an article package and turn around and resell the package right away as is. Many of these articles are being used hundreds or thousands of times and have been all but filtered from the search engines entirely. 

You can do two thing to filter out most of the junks PLR sites out there. When you eliminate the riff raff and get to the old PLR article sites that started the whole thing (they are still there) and get access to that content.

First look for a sample of the article packages. Many sites will post a clip from one of the articles . Having a chance to read the plr content will let you decide if it will work for you plus copyscape will show you how many times it have been used on other sites. If you see PLR article packages that have hardly been used of not at all you can use the articles without altering them. Although you can also see if the article has been used a lot and will need to be totally redone .

The second thing is to look at the rights you are given when you buy the articles. Every PLR site will determine what you can and can’t do with the articles you buy. Avoiding sites that allow buer to resell the articles in changed. This means the articles can be sold and resold and resold. In the case of PLR articles site with the strictest PLR are th ebest to buy from because the use of the content is generally more limited.

PLR articles can be a fantastic addition to your content building plan. With a little bit of research you can find the PLR sites that still offer great content and keep it as limited as possible so people get more out of the articles they buy.

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