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Building A Resource Box That Gets Clickthroughs To Your Site

A resource box is a small section of a website that contains an article. The resource box will give you information on the author and will include links to the authors’ web page. This is an important component to article writing as it can gain you more hits on your web site for those who are looking to have articles written by you. This will do two things, it will give the web site where your content was published information that they may not have had

previously, and it will allow you to get exposure by posting your articles on other web sites that will get you traffic on your own web site.

How to Begin a Resource Box

There are four main items that you should have in your resource box. These are a must for any writer. The first is you want to have your name displayed. It may be wise to have your name in a larger or different font than the rest of your resource box items as you will want this to be the foremost item anyone will see. The second bit of information you will need are the links to your home page so that people can find you in order to hire your services. Do not put too many links in your resource box as it may be confusing to some as to which link they should use to contact you.

Use one primary link so that you will get all the business your resource box will generate for you. The third component is a brief description of you and your writing history. You will want to be as succinct as possible as you will need to get a lot of information into a small biography. You do not want to have this too long or people may not continue on the next point which will be your selling point. This is where you will sell your company and your writing skills; again in just one or two sentences.

Other Items You Can Add to Your Resource Box

If you are a subscriber to Ezine, you may want to add your Ezine subscription information for them to contact you as opposed to your personal email. This will enable you to get more people who will contact you from a safe source such as Ezine. You may also want to include your phone number so people can get in touch with your for assignments. I would use a land line number as you do not want your cell phone as the calls to you may cost you more than the jobs you are accepting.

Items to Avoid in Your Resource Box

There is no need to post every one of your web sites or urls, people will get confused as to which link to use and may just skip over you and move on to another author. There is also no need to mention every award you have received. This will make you look arrogant and some may be put off by what they consider bragging or over done self promotion. You should also not include any links that are not relevant to the topic of your article. For instance, if your article deals with weight loss, you do not want an advertisement for dog products in your resource box.

Resource Box Size

Make sure you keep your resource box smaller than the text of the article. If you use too much of the article space, it may make your article seem like it is unimportant. If you use about ten to twenty percent of the article space for your resource box, you will be more in line with what the industry standard is.

Anything larger than that will again be over self promotion and is considered tacky. You want your resource box to sell your services, not to over power the actual article. The body of the article is where you sell your skills, the resource box is where people find you. Keep this in mind when you are creating your resource box and make sure you present yourself in a professional manner.

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