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I type 125WPM and so can you!

And I got to this point practicing one simple proficiency.  But before I get to this technique, let me ask you.  How long do you spend at your keyboard ?  An hour? Two Hours?  If you type 25WPM (the national average), then you could turn that hour into 15 minutes if you typed as fast as I do !  So how did I learn to type so quickly?

Muscle memory. After I learned the same boring touch typing that you learn in middle school, I decided to try learning to type the English languages’ most used words over and over.  I no longer type letters, but instead I type words.  My typing is no rhythmical choir of tapping, but rather repetitive bursts of keys forming word after word.   The same technique which athletes use to perform feats of grandeur allows me to type out essays and blogs so fast that I concern my keyboard will catch on fire!

You’re probably asking yourself, “but where do I start?”.  Well the root step is to learn the fundamentals of typing, using any of the free keyboarding tutors available, such as my favorite TypingWeb.  You will be taken through a standard touch typing course including homerow, toprow, bottomrow, etc.  After you have finished your standard studies, Premium TypingWeb users can start practicing the top 500 English words!  And the best part is, learning to type correctly can help prevent wrist injuries such as RSI, and carpel tunnel syndrome!


 Now that you type with the greatest of ease, what should you do ?  Get yourself an official Typing Certificate and try your hands in a little transcriptionist work!  Many transcriptionist companies allow you to work from home and can pay up to $500/day!  Before I got into blogging, I  was an employee for a small transcription company set out of Los Angeles typing legal documents.  As I type at a ridiculous speed, I was earning 300-400 dollars per day right out of my little LA apartment.

So why are you still reading this ?  Go train those fingers!

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