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OTS – 10 Video Topics

Off The Shelf Topics are groups of 5 or 10 original articles/blog posts, ready-to-use in building or maintaining your website. They are written by freelance professionals with excellent English skills and English as their first language from either the United States or United Kingdom.

What You Get:

  • Each OTS is around 400 words long, standard for blog posts and web content
  • 100% original and Copyscaped prior to purchase
  • Written by either a US/UK freelance professional
  • Edited and proofread, ready-to-post
  • Various topics offered
  • Each OTS is sold only once
  • All rights go to buyer


  1. Be Careful of Free Online Video Websites That Aren’t Really Free
  2. Beware of the Dangers of Documenting Illegal Activities with Online Videos
  3. Check Out Online Video Websites Alternatives
  4. Google Video? What Is It All About?
  5. Google Videos. Why Is It So Popular These Days?
  6. How To Go About Finding Online Video Sites for Great Videos
  7. How To Go About Online Video Websites Commenting
  8. Tips On Making An Online Video
  9. What To Do In Making Your Own Google Videos
  10. What To Do In Making Your Own YouTube Video

SAMPLE: Online video website commenting is an important part of the video website’s ranking procedure. Most sites put their videos from the best to the last in order of the number of comments that are posted about them. If you have a favorite video, you should make it a point to leave a comment about it so that when it gets ranked, it will go higher up on the scale of most watched or favorite videos on that site.

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