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OTS: 10 – World of Warcraft

Off The Shelf Topics are groups of 5 or 10 original articles/blog posts, ready-to-use in building or maintaining your website. They are written by freelance professionals with excellent English skills and English as their first language from either the United States or United Kingdom.

What You Get:

  • Each OTS is around 400 words long, standard for blog posts and web content
  • 100% original and Copyscaped prior to purchase
  • Written by either a US/UK freelance professional
  • Edited and proofread, ready-to-post
  • Various topics offered
  • Each OTS is sold only once
  • All rights go to buyer


  1. What Is World of Warcraft
  2. What are World of Warcraft Addons
  3. Why Is World of Warcraft So Addicting?
  4. Are Addons Legal In World of Warcraft?
  5. Can You Play World of Warcraft Offline?
  6. How Do I Level Up Fast in World of Warcraft
  7. How Do You get a Pet in World of Warcraft?
  8. What Is World of Warcraft QuestHelper?
  9. What Is World of Warcraft Cartographer?
  10. Review WoW Interface

SAMPLE: A common question of many World of Warcraft players would be are addons legal in World of Warcraft? There are so many different types of addons out there that you can find one to help you with most anything you need within the game.
Price: $67


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