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As Well As Build Backlinks and Exposure For Your Site on 100+ PR Sites And Networks

Don’t Pay Unless Satisfied!

It’s that simple: We’ll write your press release, optimize it, and you don’t owe us a dime if you’re not satisfied with it!

What Is A Press Release?

How Can It Help Build My Online Business?

Like an article or any other piece of web content, a press release is a review of your company, service or product. With the press release, your company review will be sent to thousands of publishers who read your release and choose whether to write a news story, put it on their website, write a story for an e-zine publication, blog or other media.

With a decent press release and the right type of distribution service, generating huge amounts of traffic is all but assured. Acting as your silent salesperson, press releases give your company name recognition, credibility and branding.

A well written press release can work wonders for your company image and can lead to all kinds of opportunities to advertise your business for free including radio interviews, podcast radio, reviews of your products and services by other writers and more. All of these forms of free advertising can start as a result of a well-crafted press release in conjunction with an excellent distribution system that gets your press release accepted in all the right places.

Why Can’t I Just Hire A Writer From One Of The Auction Sites To Write My Press Release?

You can allow a writer to create a press release for you. That is true. What makes our service different is that we craft custom press releases that contain a worth-publishing news item that increases exponentially your chances of being picked up for publication. Prior to releasing the press release, we send it to you for approval and then we start the submission process only when you are satisfied with the results.

Hand Submission: What’s The Point?

We ensure that your press release is seen by writers, editors, bloggers and other media sources by hand submitting your press release to 100+ websites. In order to keep a level of transparency where you can track the submission process, we great a Gmail account strictly for press release submission notifications at no charge and you can log in and verify the submissions process whenever it’s convenient to you.

Keyword Selection For Google’s #1 Position

On at least one and up to three keywords that you choose, we will get you a #1 listing in Google News. We will also increase your search engine rankings for the main keywords you select for your site and build a good set of backlinks that will further optimize your website.


Each press release is priced at $375 USD, with no upfront payment until you are satisfied with the press release. We are offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of $100 if you order in the next 7 days – Only $275 USD.

Remember, we are the same people who wrote the press release and submitted it for the “Flex Lite DVD”. That got them a contact form the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green show. Anything is possible with the right press release and submission service.

What Are You Waiting For?

Try finding a better guarantee than ours:

    1. We only require a payment after showing you the PR we wrote for you (before submitting it) – so you know exactly what you’re paying for. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll rewrite it – or you can simply choose not to pay!
    1. If we can’t rank you #1 on Google News for at least 1 out of 3 keywords you select, we refund your payment!

We’re offering generous discounts for orders at this point as part of our pledge to donate at least 20% of profits produced through this ad to a non profit we’re working with.

Here are a couple of press release samples, for your review:

Send us a private message or email for the $100 discount offer.


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