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Profile: Laurence G.

Laurence G. is from Long Island, New York, and is a long-time freelancer with many interests and hobbies. His father is a professional copywriter and taught Laurence everything he knows about writing. Laurence loves to write in his free time because it is relaxing and helps to earn a little bit of extra money on the side!


Importance of Goals & Dreams

Many people have goals in life, some big and some small. For whatever reason, most people set small goals for themselves. It is true that this prevents disappointment, but it also sets a limit on what they can achieve. Setting high goals is extremely important on the path of life. “If you shoot for the moon and miss you will land among the stars.” This quote shows that even if we set high goals and do not attain them, we will still get extremely far in life.

Too many people in American society are too scared to follow their dreams or do what they truly want to do in life. If you only have one life to life shouldn’t you try and do what you want? The secret to life is attempting to achieve our childhood dreams and setting no limit on the size of our goals. Many people do not have confidence in their own abilities so they set small goals. It is better to try and succeed then to not have tried at all.

The universe is like an open book to people who set no limit on the size of their goals. These types of people choose what they want from the Universe and do everything they can do get whatever that may be. The power of belief is so astounding that these people get what they want even if they have to wait a long time. This all centers a principle of thoughts becoming things.

The power of thought is extraordinary. This can be seen through the effects that placebo pills have on patients. Doctors have proven that as long as a patient thinks they are taking a pill with medicine, they will still heal over time. In these cases it is not the pill that heals someone, it is the power of thought that the mind has over the human body.

By thinking that you can achieve anything and believing fully in your goals you can have whatever you want from life. Whether that be the perfect spouse, a new car, or a simple relaxing life, or a new job, you can reach your dreams. The power of belief is what drives people to success. The most important thing to remember throughout life is that the pro in anything was once a beginner. Even if you fail, you should get up and try against, and most importantly be patient with your goal.

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