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Profile: Lisa W.

Lisa is a freelance writer and editor with a specialty in internet writing and copywriting. She has worked for many different online publications providing articles and other web content, participating as site host, editing content, product descriptions, blog posts, sales letters, e-books and more.

Print clips include magazines such as American Fitness, Atlanta Business Magazine, and Manhattan’s Parentguide. She has completed articles on a wide variety of topics including parenting, gaming, health and fitness, military, society, business and more.

Lisa has five years of experience with local newspaper journalism and nearly 10 years with internet news writing.

Lisa is a very diverse writer with careful attention to details and she adheres strictly to timelines. Lisa also has training in SEO, AdWords, AdSense and related fields. Many of the sites she has written for go from newly created sites to first page rankings in search engines in as little as 2 weeks, some even climbing to the number one

However, Lisa does not just do SEO or keyword copy. She is also experienced in high quality, original articles and other creative content. As you can see from her resume, she has extensive experience as well as many satisfied clients.

Location: Copperas Cove, Texas USA

Writing Sample

How to Use Articles to Create Publicity for Your Business

You may have already heard that writing articles is a free and powerful way to promote your business but how much do you really know about writing articles and using them for publicity? Chances are, you’re not using your articles to their full potential but all of that can change today.

Maybe you’re thinking articles won’t apply to your business but the truth is they can apply to any business. How can you make them work for you? Writing articles can increase your credibility, establish you as an expert in your niche and provide free advertising for your website, service or product. You can market yourself, your company or your product all over the Internet with quality articles.

The most important thing you can know about your articles is that they need to be high quality and contain excellent grammar and spelling. Poorly written articles are going to reflect poorly on your image as a business. If this is a potential customer’s first impression of you, it’s important to make it a good one. If you are unable to reach this level of quality yourself, you might consider having a professional edit the articles or write them for you.

Once you have high quality articles, the next important step is to know what to do with them. Here are some ideas on how to use your articles to create publicity for your business:

  • Post the articles on your website.
  • Offer an article as a free report to your customers.
  • Give articles as a free gift when people sign up for your website.
  • Submit your articles to free article directories.
  • Contact editors and publishers of e-zines and ask if they want to publish your articles.
  • Group articles together and create an e-book or free special report.
  • Offer articles for display in your office or lobby of your workplace.
  • Use articles as weekly tips.
  • Submit to magazines and other print media.
  • Offer your articles to colleges, seminars and workshops.
  • Use copies of your articles in a media kit.
  • Archive articles on your website for a complete database.
  • Send copies of your articles with sales letters and other sales material.

Now that you know what to do with your articles, you can begin writing excellent, enticing and high quality articles to get your name out there. Remember, it’s fast and it’s free. You can start today!

Favorite Writing Topics

Parenting/children, gaming/video games, Internet business, entrepreneurs, health and fitness, writing, business, work at home business, relationships, and more

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