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Tina has been an avid writer since she was very young. English has always been her best subject in school, and she scored straight A’s in her college English classes. Tina applied and was accepted to Washington University’s Journalism Program, but had to decline due to family issues at the time. She plans to continue her education in the near future.

Tina is also an avid reader, and feels that most good writers also love to read. She belong to three forums and generally writes at least seven to ten forum posts a day. She also owns her own graphic design company, and saw some success prior to the economic downturn. The market for her type of business which includes signs, tee shirts and vehicle graphics has dramatically slowed with the failing economy. She looks to regain the level of business and contract work as the economy regains its momentum. Never daunted, Tina looked around for a business alternative that would fill the marketing and graphic design business void and successfully adding an article writing segment to her overall business model.

Writing Sample

Understanding Orca Whales

Orca whales, more commonly known as Killer Whales have had a bad reputation for hundreds of years because of the way they feed. This is because they hunt in pods and can be extremely vicious when feeding. It is mistakenly thought that Orca Whales are a highly aggressive and will kill anything that gets in their way. The opposite is actually true as these oceanic mammals actually are very peaceful when not feeding.

Orca Whales travel in groups called pods. The societal structure within the pod is matriarchal and most pods stay together for their entire lives. While most pods are relatively small, they will join up with other pods for breeding, feeding and traveling. Most pods will stay in the same geographical area for the whole of their lives with the exception of transient pods which tend to travel a bit more than native pods will. The best spot to view pods of Orca Whales is in colder climate waters such as the Vancouver area of North America and the southern shores of Australia.

You can identify Orca Whales by the size and shape of the dorsal fin and white color patch on the saddle behind the dorsal fin. The males typically have a much taller dorsal fin while the females are shorter with more of a curve. The mammals are all black with white identifying marks on the saddle behind dorsal fin, above the eye, on the bottom of the fluke fin and on their stomach. The white marks on the saddle behind the dorsal fin are unique to each Orca Whale and those who study the Orca Whales have come to identify individual Orcas by these patches.

When you are lucky enough to view a pod of Orca Whales feeding, it can be frenzy. The geographical location of the pod will determine the diet for the Killer Whale. Pods in North West America and Canada have a diet of salmon while the pods in Southern Australia and Antarctica typically feed on seals. A Killer Whale may play with a seal before killing it and eating it. This seems macabre to many and is one reason the Orca has been seen as a heartless predator. When feeding on schools of salmon, the Orcas will circle the school of salmon and spin them into confusion while other Orcas feed on the group of fish. Orcas have also been known to eat many other creatures including dolphins and sharks. The Killer Whale is typically deemed the top level of the food chain in the ocean waters they travel.

The popularity of Killer Whales has risen since the first Orca was captured for exhibit in 1965. Namu was snared in a fishing net and was brought to the Seattle Aquarium. Ted Griffin, the owner of the Seattle Aquarium had heard the Killer Whale was caught up in a net and bought the whale for eight thousand dollars. After working with Namu for some time, Mr. Griffin came to care about Namu and learned that Orcas were very playful and intelligent creatures. These days there are many places that Orcas can be seen in captivity such as Sea World in San Diego. For those who would rather view the Orcas in their natural habitat, there are whale watching boats that are dedicated to whale watching all over the world.

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