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Profile: Sandra O.

Sandra O. is a retired healthcare and residential interior designer. Born in Chicago, she has lived in Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, Indiana, and has settled permanently in Las Vegas. She attended Illinois College in Jacksonville and Iowa State University.

An avid reader and writer, her past genres included poetry and amusing anecdotes from her own past. She has been compared to Erma Bombeck because of her natural way of always finding humor in even the worst of situations. Continuing to look for new ways to express herself, she has ventured into short stories, screen writing, restaurant reviews, and ghostwriting.

Beyond that she is a dedicated swimmer, plays 7-card stud and pinochle, and loves word games!


The Contemporary Cabin

Traditionally, the log cabin is decorated in a rustic style. Yet through the years it has expanded somewhat to include a more country cottage atmosphere. Now it is time to move forward yet again. Because the log home is ecologically friendly, more of them are being built then ever before, and they are not always in wooded and secluded areas. So picture this, my friends…the contemporary cabin!

Let us begin with a light colored log home with a main story and a large open loft. Wide picture windows with no adornments of any kind will open the cabin to the outdoors and keep it light and pleasant inside. Use light, natural wood flooring.

Half of this great room/kitchen combination will have a high ceiling, with a free standing fireplace centered in it. A curving stairway to the loft, which may be dormitory-style or divided into two separate bedrooms, is done with open stairs and metal railings. Metal framed beds with smooth, simple coverlets and a few simple tables and dressers. An unusual storage trunk placed at the foot of beds will work as both additional storage and as an element of surprise.

The bathroom has a large open shower with two showerheads, tile floor and bench seating. Both the window and the entrance to the “shower room” are of glass block. No shower curtain or door is needed.
A pedestal sink , toilet, and a wall of built in storage with drawers and glass doors complete this airy room.

Contemporary lighting , in the form of track lighting, recessed, and tapered torcheres, all using the new “green” flourescents will show off the open beam ceilings and provide more natural appearing light.

Chrome classics and blond wood, Scandinavian style, will further accomplish this contemporary look. Keep the colors light and somewhat neutral.

The kitchen should be done in stainless steel, perhaps with a large, light-colored butcher block table . Benches along the long sides of the table and wooden chairs at the ends will be nice.

Now we need to add some excitement to this rather severe and neutral design. Highly textured and colorful area rugs, will warm this look. Toss a few throws and pillows around in bright and lively colors. Tuck greens into corners, above kitchen cabinets, perhaps even in little pots going up the staircase. A dried flower arrangement on a side table or even the kitchen table would be nice.

A couple of sculptures, modern and tall in the living area, and perhaps one on a dresser in the loft, should be of stone or metal. Tall, colorful contemporary posters or paintings, framed in chrome or colored metal will draw the color and your attention up to that imposing ceiling.

You accomplish much by designing a home of this sort. You are not only doing your part for making America green, but you are also providing a living space that , while it may be small, will appear light and large, be reasonably easy to maintain, and go easy on the budget, both in decorating costs and monthly maintenance.

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