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The Do-It-Yourself Publicity Plan

You don’t necessarily need to hire a publicist to represent you if you are very articulate with great writing capabilities, have media contacts and have tons of time in the world to spearhead the campaign, but if that does not describe you, then you may want to outsource the work to a trusted professional, because time is truly money as they say .  Below, please find some of the things that you will need to execute your publicity plan.

  1.  You should make sure that you have something newsworthy to publicize, then begin formulating your press release using as many facts as possible – it should be no more than one page, and answer the who, what, where, when and whys that the reporter would likely need to know.  You should search online to see unlike examples of press releases, while keeping in mind that reporters have very hectic schedules, so you have to make sure that you intrigue them from the door, and get straight to the point.  Then you will want to distribute your releases to press release distribution services, if you do not have a media database.
  2.  You should have an EPK (electronic press kit) or media kit that encompasses all of the essentials about you or your business – mission statement (biography if artist), photos, videos, past press clippings, testimonials and more – you want to make sure that everything is professionally presented to the person that you’re looking to publicize you.  The rule of thumb is that they should never have to ask for you to send material; it should all be readily available for their perusing.
  3. Social networking and social media accounts.  Yes, so we all know that as a person, you may be private, but if you are a business person or an artist, then you simply cannot afford to be private – you have to be out there letting the cosmos know that you live, and how better to do this than to announce it quickly and virally via the social networking and social media mechanisms. Word travels fast on the Internet and it is also an inexpensive way to get the word out.
  4. Good ol’ fashion guerilla marketing.  Pounding the pavement to make things happen, by spreading the word via postcards, literature, posters, bulletins or buttons – you should be out at all of the events that would be related to your niche market.

So, that is it for now, but if you follow these numbered points outlined, you will be well on your way to creating your very own do-it-yourself publicity campaign.

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