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Using Article Content to Promote Your Website

You’ll commonly find stressed as important in most SEO advice guides and web sites is the importance of marketing with articles.

Using articles is a sure fire way of benefiting from nearly all of the benefits of a successful SEO strategy.

First, the articles can be used to beef up the content of your web site, while at the same time helping to build the standing of your web site with regards to the topic or topics at hand. At some point it might even be sufficient to make your site an authority in that specific niche.

Second, the regular posting of content is a guaranteed way of getting visitors to the site and getting them to visit again.

Third, articles may be submitted to article distribution sites and this helps in building links  to you– remembering the links that you will make from people who will link to the content if they find it useful. It even plays a critical role in building the keywords in your web site.

Lastly, all of the points discussed above helps in growing your status in search engine results.It’s a win-win situation for your web site.

Writing and publishing the articles is just half the battle. Articles, in order to become effective tools for SEO,they need to be used correctly and optimized properly so to fully maximize their potential.

Here are some important tips you want to use to guarantee that you are properly taking advantage of what articles can do for your web site:

  • Remember always to use the correct keywords when writing articles. Always remember that writing articles is not enough, in search engine optimization the keywords are very important. That’s why you should learn to identify what keywords you should use and only use quality keywords in the articles. This makes it easier for search engine spiders to notice them and index it. It doesn’t matter if the articles will be used internally for the web site, posted on your blog or submitted in article submissions sites – you should always use the keywords. But don’t overdo it, keyword stuffing is not a good idea and could even result in your web site being banned from search engines.
  • Tags are another SEO tool that you should never forget to include in your articles when you post them in your web site. The tags serve an important role as markers that will help visitors in finding the articles they are searching for. Tags are also used by search engines in helping them access information look-up. The best way to use tags is to use as many relevant tags as you can. Don’t forget to also include your keywords in the tags.

As I’ve mentioned before.links are important in building the SERP status of your web site. It is also effective in promoting it. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to add them in all of your articles. At the very least, insert a minimum of two links in your article.

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