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Writing a Good Resource Box

When an article is published itwould you hope, describe the product or matter in point.   At the bottom of the article you will find or should find that it contains a resource box, or a form of a signature that describes who created the article.

A resource box can also be referred to as a signature box, which contains the authors bio and links that more often than not pertain to a blog or website.  You will always find a resource box or signature box provided for you by the article directories, for articles that you wrote to be submitted to article directories. (Side bar; when you use an article submitter canwill make submitting articles to directories a whole lot easier)

A good resource box or signature box should include your name, your web site address your unique selling proposition and a call to action to attract people to purchse your product. However, quite frequently it generates a small amount of traffic due to an inefficient resource box.

Two of the biggest problems are;

1. The resource box contains links that are irrelevant when it should contain links back to your blog or websitewebsite or blog This is necessary when readers like your article and want to read more about what you have written.  This is also a great way to build one way links back to your blog or website , increasing your  internet marketing online presence.

Quite often people use irrelevant links for various reasons, which ends up sending potential traffic away from their website .

2. With out having a very good reason to click on your web site site link is the other reason why . Very frequently readers need a very good reason other then the content of the article or even the product itself to attract them to your website.

Basically they want to know what the advantage is to them to visit your website. Provide them with a great reason , describe a free report or discount that is available when they visit your website . The thought of something free will be reason enough for readers to check out your website and generating more traffic.

The goal should be to sustain traffic to your website, so make sure you put some thought and effort into the resource box  or signature box if you prefer and don’t justslap it together.

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